» » » We are back….

We are back….

We are back!  ….after 2 different trips across 4 states, water in the basement, a markedly small amount of sleep, and a to do list a mile long…

Our First Trip

We spent a weekend with family, coming back with the intention of preparing to leave again a few days later for a bigger trip.  Only instead, we got a snowstorm AND some rain and that resulted in…WATER in the basement!

We spent two nights with very little sleep as we fought to keep the water contained to one area of the basement.  One sump pump was already running but we could not seem to get ahead.  Finally, after one more long day of work and the help of some friends, a second sump was installed and the problem finally seemed to be solved.

Our Second Trip

We then finally got off on our second trip…this one taking us across 3 states for medical and family visits.  We enjoyed some beautiful weather and time visiting and WAY too much time in the car!  But we also hit lots of antique shops, were able to get some tree trimmings for spoon projects, and got some neat woodcarving pictures taken.

As a result, I haven’t posted for a while.  But the trip and our to-do list has my mind full of plans.  Stay tuned and look for posts soon on:

  1.  A Spoon: from a tree to your kitchen – a start to finish picture story of how a spoon is made.
  2.  Gardening and the Goods: Farmer’s Market is just over a month away – what are we doing to get ready and what will we be selling?
  3.  New Antiques – what are they and what will they do for us?

Check back soon and see what is new!

My view relaxing in the sunshine on a beautiful spring day during our trip!




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