Real. Good. Food.  

We sell baked goods locally throughout the year and produce from June-September.

Baked goods:

~Mama’s bread – a mixed grain bread made with oatmeal, flax, white and wheat flours.
“2017 County Fair Purple Ribbon $ Prize winner”

~French bread – a simple, soft white french bread…great with pasta, for sandwiches and as french toast!     “2016 County Fair Blue Ribbon Winner”

~Muffins – banana, cran-oat, blueberry & more!

~Chocolate chip cookies – voted often as the best chocolate chip cookies ever   “2016 County Fair Blue Ribbon Winner”

~Dark chocolate no-bake cookies – you thought no-bakes were good?  Try this dark-chocolate version! (peanut butter free)


Chicken eggs, duck eggs, cucumbers, tomatoes (several varieties), green beans, potatoes, carrots, squash, heirloom pumpkins and more!